Matt Bokenkroger | Food & Beverage Practice Lead

Matt Bokenkroger

Food & Beverage Practice Lead

Matt has approached every step of his career with an entrepreneurial spirit. A former licensed water/wastewater operator and businesses owner, Matt partners closely with food and beverage clients to understand their needs and develop smart, innovative solutions that support plans to meet future goals.  

If you ask Matt, sustainably addressing wastewater means addressing the entire facility. He has a company growth mindset for clients, and works to find solutions that efficiently solve the root of challenges. Matt’s end goal is to help clients achieve outcomes that improve production or simplify processes while meeting compliance requirements and growth objectives, and reducing solid waste.

Matt has established and grown multi-disciplined industrial teams throughout his career — a result of adding value for clients. He’s partnered with food and beverage, pulp and paper, power, and oil and gas clients on several multimillion-dollar, award-winning industrial projects.