Pratibha Basrao | HDR

Pratibha Basrao, GISP, PMP

Director, Geospatial Solutions

Pratibha Basrao leads HDR’s geospatial practice that delivers cutting-edge technology solutions to our clients and provides competitive advantage to win and execute projects. She has extensive experience providing GIS and program technology services in defense, water resources, transportation and environmental sciences industries.

Pratibha is a champion of a network of more than 100 GIS professionals, including data and mapping analysts, application developers, technology consultants and business/operational leaders. As a resilient, agile and client-focused leader, she strives to understand emerging technical drivers within each market sector and how to apply them for our clients.

Pratibha is currently leading two large, multi-year, enterprise geospatial programs for the Defense Logistics Agency and Marine Forces Reserves, and is driving our Federal Business Group’s technology practice. 

During her career with HDR, she received the Crystal Pathfinder for Leadership for her role in forging the geospatial cross sector into a leading community of technology practitioners.