Rick Miller | Renewable Energy and Hydropower Leader

Rick Miller, P.E.

Senior Vice President, Renewable Energy Services

Rick has 40 years of experience in water resources, hydroelectric engineering, and conventional and pumped storage power plant operations. He has a depth of expertise in operations and maintenance, engineering and business. 

Rick is passionate about working with others in the industry to initiate energy market reform aligning revenue potential with the physics of the grid. He’s an advocate for the benefits hydropower can bring to the renewable energy market. 

Renowned in the industry, he grew a hydropower consulting firm from the ground-up, which joined forces with HDR, and managed the commissioning and operational integration of Duke Energy’s $1 billion Bad Creek Pumped Storage project. 

Rick served as president of National Hydropower Association in 2008, and chairs NHA’s Markets Task Force focused on the value of hydropower’s strategic flexibility. He’s presented technical papers and authored articles in a number of industry publications.