Aberdeen-Hoquiam Flood Protection Project

Aerial of Aberdeen and Hoquiam in Washington state

Aberdeen-Hoquiam Flood Protection Project

Delivering Resilient, Flood Protection Solutions to the Community

Located along the mouth of the Chehalis River and Grays Harbor Estuary in western Washington state, the US$182.6 million Aberdeen-Hoquiam Flood Protection Project comprises of the North Shore Levee, North Shore Levee – West Segment, and Fry Creek Pump Station. Each component of the project is critical to protecting the cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam against coastal flooding events from the adjacent Wishkah and Hoquiam rivers. HDR is the lead designer and engineer on both levee segments and is responsible for final design of the pump station.

Grays Harbor County is one of the most economically disadvantaged communities in the state with many residents burdened by high flood insurance premiums. Flood risk in the area deters investment in the community making this project vital to long-term growth and development in both communities.

The North Shore Levee is a 1.5-metre structure across both cities that will increase flood resiliency and help retain jobs and existing business for both communities. The US$100.8 million levee will bring more than 3,100 properties and over 900 businesses out of a Federal Emergency Management Agency-drawn Special Flood Hazard Area plain, saving residents more than US$1 million in flood insurance premiums each year.

The North Shore Levee — West Segment will be 1.4 metres along the west side of Hoquiam. This US$59.6 million segment of the project will remove US$1 million in annual flood premiums from the community and protect more than 2,000 properties and 350 businesses in the area. Despite multiple updates and adjustments to the flooding models and proposed elevation, we worked with the client to raise the elevation level of the levee to 4.9 metres. This effort will help protect against increased flooding from the Hoquiam River, which has faced heavier storm surges and higher tides in recent years.

The Fry Creek Pump Station is a crucial component of coastal flood protection and storm drainage in both cities. The new US$21.9 million facility will be capable of combating severe flooding events during king tides and the 100-year, 24-hour storm event. In February 2021 the City of Aberdeen selected us for the final design phase of the pump station. Once complete, the pump station will be equipped with an increased pumping capacity by more than six times the previous facility, new tide gates to help control water flow and a new fish screening system to protect salmon habitats in the area.

To date, investments from local, state and federal entities have fully funded the Fry Creek Pump Station. On 7 July 2022, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Fry Creek Pump Station project was held on-site with project leaders and state officials in attendance, including Gov. Jay Inslee. Construction is expected to be completed in 2023.

Funds have also brought both levee segments to shovel ready status with construction targeted to begin in 2024.

Aerial of Aberdeen and Hoquiam in Washington state
The City of Aberdeen and Hoquiam

Aberdeen and Hoquiam, WA
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9.6 miles of new levees