Almoosa Rehabilitation Hospital

Almoosa Rehabilitation Hospital Lobby Sculpture

Almoosa Rehabilitation Hospital

An Oasis of Specialized Care

The Almoosa Rehabilitation Hospital addresses the need for specialized facilities in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in the heart of the desert near the historic Al-Ahsa oasis. Its simple, yet elegant plan offers an efficient model of world-class care that embraces local customs and values. The design empowers care, allowing patients to feel their individual significance and shared humanity at a critical time in their lives. 

Designing in a Virtual Environment

Extensive integration of virtual reality, commonly known as VR, was utilized throughout the design process. This methodology afforded both stakeholders and our design team an immersive platform, facilitating heightened visualization capabilities and interactive walkthroughs. Leveraging VR empowered informed decisions, as we diligently prioritized factors to optimize experiences for patients, families, and staff members.

A vivid depiction of the envisioned experience allowed for strategically curated material selections and orchestrated key design and planning components. This meticulous approach yielded favourable outcomes in staff and patient circulation, with VR simulations providing practical insights into operational intricacies.

Almoosa Rehabilitation Hospital Foliage

Sustainability With Aesthetic in an Arid Environment

Now an iconic landmark for Northern Al-Ahsa, the building embodies the essence of an oasis-like landform, fostering a deep connection with nature and enhancing the healing process. The undulating shading device which shields the facility from the harsh elements evokes the ceaseless movement of sand dunes. Each floor meticulously orbits a central core, akin to the human vertebrae, crafting a symphony of cascading forms, an allegory for the hospital’s mission. 

Water scarcity and energy consumption are of great concern in this climate. Expressing the human instinct to care for our most vulnerable, the sinuous screen is designed to parametrically change from façade to façade to compensate for the solar heat gain of its specific location and function. Complementing this design ingenuity, a sophisticated water reclamation system utilizes condensate from the HVAC infrastructure to reclaim grey water resource which is intelligently channeled to support vibrant greenery. 

Almoosa Rehabilitation Hospital Lobby Sculpture
Almoosa Health

Almutayrifi, Al-Ahsa
Saudi Arabia

610,000 sf