Council Bluffs Interstate System

Council Bluffs Interstate System, Iowa

Council Bluffs Interstate System

Role: Program Management/General Engineering Consultant 

Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) is in the process of reconstructing interstate highways 29, 80 and 480 in the Council Bluffs, Iowa/Omaha, Nebraska, metropolitan area. This comprehensive interstate redesign, known as the Council Bluffs Interstate System (CBIS) Improvement Program, will modernize highways, improving mobility and safety.

In 2013, Iowa DOT selected HDR as its CBIS program manager/general engineering consultant (PM/GEC). Working in close coordination with Iowa DOT staff in a co-located office in Council Bluffs, we are the overall manager for the $1.3 billion CBIS Program. We manage its budget and schedule while implementing project controls coupled with risk management.

As the largest endeavor in Iowa DOT’s five-year Transportation Improvement Program, the CBIS project seeks to accomplish planned objectives. Among them are modernizing and upgrading about 18 miles of mainline interstate highway, and 15 interchanges — all while accommodating planned development along the corridors. We also aim to reduce traffic congestion and crashes while beautifying the landscape. To meet these objectives, we employ innovative tools, methods and strategies.

Quality and timeliness are top priorities, and our tools provide real-time project data to proactively manage design and construction efforts. We developed a custom secure web-based dashboard called CB Gateway for program team and DOT management use. Its functionality derives from our program-management and project-controls experience.

We identified techniques typically used in alternative delivery to maintain schedule and minimize risk. We integrated design coordination with oversight of the project. Collaboration between us, Iowa DOT and highly-qualified design consultants, allows simultaneous design and construction efforts for road, bridges and railroad.

To lessen the effects of traffic changes, Iowa DOT and Nebraska Department of Roads prioritized updates to their shared Traffic Incident Management plan — and they enlisted our expertise. 

Likewise, they relied on our communication experience. Communicating with stakeholders and users about the project is integral to the CBIS program. Public outreach channels include print- and web-based communications, in-person one-on-one, small group, and public information meetings, and proactive elected officials’ briefings. The net result is increased awareness of the project’s success. This broad and inclusive public relations campaign has helped generate support for both the project and Iowa DOT.

Once completed, the CBIS project will not only increase motorist safety and mobility. It will contribute to a more efficient network of interstates throughout the region.

Council Bluffs Interstate System, Iowa
Iowa Department of Transportation

Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA
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