Cowichan Lake Sports Arena

Lake Cowichan Sports Arena

Cowichan Lake Sports Arena

Mass Timber Design with Community Connection

HDR’s involvement with the Cowichan Lake Sports Arena began in 2008 with a design study that explored options for improving and expanding the facility. The design team worked closely with the Cowichan Valley Regional District on a public consultation and design charrette process that involved an array of key stakeholders, including planners, community representatives, facility managers, local timber industry experts, and Canada Wood Council representatives.

The resulting concept design, including seismic upgrades, was costed and then advanced as a series of design development options. Once the CVRD had approved the final concept, the project data was used to assist in achieving stimulus funding.

The project's goal was to create a range of new spaces in the arena, using a vibrant contemporary aesthetic that also reflects the history and heritage of the region. The resulting renovation and addition includes a dramatic new entrance to the facility, and provides large multi-purpose rooms, new arena concession and warm viewing areas, a fitness centre, an enlarged administration suite, and new change rooms for hockey and curling teams.

Structural wood products are used throughout to create a bright, upscale recreational environment, showcasing locally sourced wood products. An inspiring level of community involvement helped plan and secure material contributions, with local timber companies and distributors contributing 15 truckloads of wood products.

Lake Cowichan Sports Arena
Cowichan Valley Regional District

Lake Cowichan, BC

36,600 sf (3,400 m²)