Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Design-Build

Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (Tappan Zee) aerial

Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Design-Build

The Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge will replace the existing Tappan Zee Bridge which handles more than 140,000 vehicles every day — far more than its design capacity. A design-build project to replace the bridge will improve operations and safety on the crossing, where the accident rate is double the average accident rate on the rest of the 574-mile New York State Thruway system.

HDR is the lead designer and a subcontractor for Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC, a consortium that includes Fluor Enterprises, American Bridge Company, Granite Construction Northeast and Traylor Bros.

The bridge is designed for a 100-year service life and has the potential to support future mass transit.

It features parallel three-mile structures, each with 1,200-foot cable-stayed main spans and 350-foot steel girder approach spans. The new bridge provides eight general traffic lanes, plus emergency lanes and extra-wide shoulders for emergency access and potential express bus service in the future. New tolling facilities with AETC (All-Electronic Toll Collection) have been implemented.

In addition to accommodating vehicular traffic, the new crossing carries a shared-use path (dedicated bicycle and pedestrian) on the northern span with scenic overlooks.

The project team is following strict environmental performance commitments to protect the Hudson River estuary. State-of-the-art environmental monitoring stations have been installed near both the Rockland and Westchester County shorelines. This equipment allows the team to monitor, minimize and mitigate potential adverse effects related to construction noise, vibration and air quality.

The new landmark crossing also includes plans for the 36 existing buildings associated with the bridge. All of the New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) facilities and New York State Police facilities will either be relocated temporarily or maintained in place until new permanent facilities are constructed. Key features of the facilities program include:

  • A new NYSTA consolidated maintenance and administration facility
  • A new facility for the New York State Police
  • Several electrical, communications and storage facilities
  • A temporary joint NYSTA/State Police facility will be established until construction of the new facilities are completed
Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (Tappan Zee) aerial
New York State Thruway Authority

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