LADWP Hoover Street Power Yard

LADWP Hoover Street Power Yard

LADWP Hoover Street Power Yard

Net-Zero Design for a Critical Resource

LADWP is the largest municipal water and power utility in the nation; they are committed to delivering reliable, safe water and electricity at competitive prices while moving forward with a comprehensive plan to green the grid. LADWP plays a pivotal role in achieving many of the city’s Green New Deal goals, including but not limited to phasing out natural gas operations at three existing power plants within the LA Basin while at the same time providing enough power to support the electrification of transportation.  

HDR’s design team, in collaboration with Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, is re-designing the Hoover Street District Power Yard to replace aging infrastructure and address resiliency with a net-zero approach. The design improves the layout of exterior yard operations and inventory storage while providing a district office building, warehouse, and fleet maintenance facility. A cost-effective, durable, low-maintenance aesthetic creates a welcoming workplace and enhances the surrounding neighborhood.

The Hoover Street District Power Yard and the West Los Angeles Power Yard are intended to create a model for all future yards and to demonstrate to the public that there is a viable pathway to a green future.

Sustainable, Resilient Design

The new yard meets the criteria for an essential services facility, allowing it to survive a major seismic event and remain operational — ensuring that power service is quickly restored to the City of Los Angeles. In alignment with the city’s ambitious sustainability goals, the project is designed to achieve Net-Zero Energy certification and LEED Gold with a pathway to Platinum. Sustainable design features include:

  • On-site renewable energy photovoltaic array produces 100% of modeled building EUI
  • Electrochromic glazing reduces heat gain and glare
  • Solatubes provide daylight to achieve LEED credit level of glare free daylight
  • Thermally broken, insulated precast concrete panels enhance human comfort
  • Hybrid natural ventilation and displacement HVAC mechanical system give users control and reduce energy consumption in the offices
  • Solar chimneys with fan assist and radiant heating result in code compliant air changes and support worker comfort
  • Landscape and toilets utilize on-site treated shower and sink grey water
  • Site design manages 85-percentile storm event and the 25-year, 24-hour peak underground system flow
  • Utilizing 100% concrete paving and extensive shading with photovoltaic arrays reduces heat island effect
  • Public and staff parking contributes to the electrification of transportation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the use of electric vehicle chargers for 60% of fleet vehicles
  • Healthy materials eliminate harmful chemicals and minimize adverse impacts to human health
  • Extensive green roof provides views to nature for the office users
LADWP Hoover Street Power Yard rendering
Los Angeles Department of Power and Water - Hoover Street Yard

A Community Amenity

The design of the yard respects the residential neighborhood in which it resides, with special consideration given to building massing, traffic control, privacy and security. Streetscape enhancements such as new street trees and a display of historic streetlights reinforce the history of the site. Additionally, a ground floor assembly area is intended as a community resource when not in use by LADWP. 

A Welcoming Workplace

Enhanced adjacencies improve workflow, reducing internal work trips and contributing to a more "lean" work process — eliminating the double handling of components. A variety of daylit workplace areas including closed private offices, open workstations, teaming areas, and meeting rooms support employee wellness. Warehouse areas also provide access to natural daylight via light wells, allowing staff to stay connected with the outside environment. Active stairs and a free-to-use employee fitness center further support employee well-being. 

LADWP Hoover Street Power Yard
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Los Angeles, CA
United States

60,039 SF (5579 m²)