Regulus Photovoltaic Power Facility

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Regulus Photovoltaic Power Facility

A solar array engineered with cost and time in mind.

SunEdison needed a partner to help bring their 60MW Regulus photovoltaic power plant to life. They came to us for professional engineering and environmental support services to develop and construct the array, which uses solar panels installed on single axis tracking systems over 750 acres of open agricultural land.

Throughout the project, we sought opportunities to save SunEdison time and money. Our civil site grading and pile design teams worked with the contractor during design and construction to balance earthwork with pile optimization opportunities, saving on spending. We designed the electrical power block for off-grid facility commissioning to accommodate parallel construction of a new interconnection substation, and gained additional efficiencies by revising power block wiring to minimize materials use and installation labor times.

We worked alongside SunEdison providing environmental support services that minimized impacts to the land and its inhabitants, including coordination with regulatory agencies. Onsite drainage was maintained to prevent erosion and enable creation of a re-vegetation plan for the drought-stricken locale. Our team also conducted pre-and post-construction biological monitoring for several identified species, and put pre-approved plans into action to protect them when the species were located on the site.

With a solid engineering and environmental plan in place, the Regulus photovoltaic power plant met SunEdison’s goals of creating a renewable energy source within time and cost constraints.

solar panels

Lamont, CA
United States