Rouse Hill Town Centre

rouse hill town centre water feature community space hdr

Rouse Hill Town Centre

Rouse Hill Town Centre is regarded as the benchmark development for new town centres. It seamlessly blends commercial, residential, education, civic, and retail into a format that delivers not only a high level of public domain, but also a sound and commercially viable proposition. The project broke paradigms by bringing together opposite and quite often competing interests, creating a core to the suburb which focused the life of the community around a series of public spaces used to connect the various uses. The careful design allows for clearly defined public and private domains ensuring the various uses have individual identities.

The town centre connects itself to the wider context of the suburb through publicly accessible streets and pedestrian paths linking to adjacent residential areas, schools and athletic fields and therefore is well connected to the existing infrastructure of the suburb. The town centre serves to create an amenity not only for its residents but for the whole suburb, creating a vibrant hub for civic, dining and entertainment uses while ensuring they create a sense of community and are flexible to allow the towns activities to evolve over time.

rouse hill town centre water feature community space hdr
Contractor Clients

Rouse Hill, NSW

730,000 SF (68,900 m²)