State Hygienics Laboratory at the University of Iowa

State Hygienics Laboratory at the University of Iowa

State Hygienics Laboratory at the University of Iowa

Rapid, Effective Lab Services for Disaster-Response

This flagship public health facility for the State of Iowa supports environmental quality and public health on an international level by providing services for assessment, surveillance, research and development, and technology transfer, as well as leadership and education on a local level. The University Hygienic Laboratory (UHL) includes BSL-3 laboratories for microbiology for biological and chemical terrorism.

With the FDA, the Iowa Department of Public Health, the CDC and other public health officials, UHL has established a structure to provide rapid and effective lab services in case of disaster: the Laboratory Response Network proved effective in the anthrax attack, and is a testament to cooperation and success in emergency preparedness. This major collaborative effort culminated in the opening of a high-tech, cutting-edge state laboratory facility, one of the foremost of its kind in the country.

Key features of the design include:

  • Laboratories for each of the four different State departments and The Iowa Medical Examiner autopsy suites.
  • Associated office space, supported by general purpose space.
  • Common spaces such as loading docks, with each dock designed to be easily retrofitted for biosafety concerns.
  • Secure, safe design with top priority given to efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the chain of evidence process.
  • Sustainable design elements to prepare for future LEED® certification at no additional cost.

HDR collaborated with OPN Architects on this project.

State Hygienics Laboratory at the University of Iowa
State of Iowa

Coralville, IA
United States

112,000 SF (10,140 m²)