TIME Winery

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TIME Winery

Located in the building that was home to the Pen Mar Movie Theatre, TIME Winery is the first urban winery in downtown Penticton, B.C. The structure was renovated and retrofitted in order to house the winery which integrates a state-of-the-art production facility, tasting area, and restaurant. Also incorporated is a small theatre that pays homage to the former theatre complex.

The project was constructed in two phases. Phase 1 focused on the production facility that involved a simple renovation to expose much of the existing theatre structure. Glue laminated beams and columns as well as two by four decking were stripped and cleaned, and expressed as part of the overall architectural aesthetic.

Phase 2 focused on the public tasting and eating space. This area is expressed as a two-storey wood structure that features a giant truss constructed from glue laminated beams and spans north to south across the entire interior space.

The public space was constructed with extensive glazing to allow natural daylight to penetrate the interior. The east wall is entirely glazed and can open to the street through large overhead glazed garage doors. The production facility also features glass to allow customers to view the processes occurring within.

Time Winery Night Time Elevation HDR
Encore Vineyards

Penticton, BC

17,986 sf (1,671 m²)


Award of Excellence (2018)
Wood Construction Category
Thompson Okanagan Kootenay Commercial Building Awards
Award of Merit (2018)
Winery Category
Thompson Okanagan Kootenay Commercial Building Awards
Thompson Okanagan Kootenay Commercial Building Awards, Award of Excellence (2018)
Wood Category
Southern Interior Construction Association