UBC Undergraduate Biosciences Complex (Phase 2)

University of British Columbia Undergraduate Biosciences Complex

UBC Undergraduate Biosciences Complex (Phase 2)

A State-of-the-Art Bioscience Complex at the Heart of Campus

We designed phase two of the new, revitalized Undergraduate Biosciences Complex at the University of British Columbia to enhance interdisciplinary learning for a range of bioscience disciplines. It provides a consolidated home for undergraduate students and teaching faculty across many different sciences while also offering new facilities to replace aging administrative and storage spaces.

The new four-storey East Wing and renovations to the 40-year-old North Wing complete the quadrangle formed with the West and South Wings, which were renewed in 2011. The design unifies the complex while clarifying circulation and accessibility with two existing wings.

Key features include:

  • State-of-the-art laboratory and new learning spaces with versatile, active learning environments for 2,000 students
  • Energized landscape and hardscape areas to support social, education and research activities
  • Biophilic design features that are inspired by the biosciences program (e.g., frit patterns on glazing modelled on a stem cell image, details with patterns found in nature).

At the time of completion, Santa J. Ono, president and vice chancellor, University of British Columbia shared that the reimagined and reconfigured complex “will further enable UBC to attract leading life sciences researchers and ensure our students are inspired to innovate and discover in exceptional learning facilities.”

Designed in collaboration with Diamond Schmitt Architects.

University of British Columbia Undergraduate Biosciences Complex
University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC

New and Renovated Building: 166,000 sf (15422 m²) Rooftop Greenhouse Space: 9,000 sf (836 m²)