University of Oregon, Lewis Integrative Science Building

Lewis Integrative Science Building Hero

University of Oregon, Lewis Integrative Science Building

Uniting the Sciences

The Lewis Integrative Science Building is home to strategic research clusters centered around interdisciplinary and integrative research missions; its purpose is to create new synergies across diverse academic disciplines by literally uniting the sciences. The majority of the building is devoted to studying the brain and its functions — specifically cognitive neuroscience, systems neuroscience and genetics research. The building also houses space for solar technology and green chemistry research.The design of the building is rooted in the idea of connectivity.

Key features include:

  • The building connects to four neighboring science buildings, and the entire design concept supports the premise of science as an open, collaborative process rather than an isolated exercise conducted behind closed doors.
  • A voluminous atrium forms the heart of the building and acts as a major catalyst in integrating researchers and promoting open thinking.
  • Bamboo adorns nearly the entire south wall of the atrium, while transparent and white glass covers the north wall. The transparent glass allows passerby to peer into laboratory spaces, while white glass acts as a marker board, promoting spontaneous brainstorming.
  • The building uses 58 percent less energy than conventionally designed buildings of similar size and function. Energy savings features include natural ventilation in non-lab spaces, solar shading, daylight harvesting, night flush cooling, variable flow chemical fume hoods equipped with automatic sashes that close when not in use, and the extraction of heat from an adjacent utility tunnel.
  • To reduce usage of potable water, the building reclaims reverse osmosis treated water from a neighboring zebra fish research facility and uses this water to flush all urinals and toilets. All of the storm water on site is also collected and treated, and 28 solar hot water panels on the rooftop heat all domestic hot water.

Designed in collaboration with THA Architecture.

Lewis Integrative Science Building Hero
University of Oregon

Eugene, OR
United States

103,000 sf (9,940 m²)
LEED Platinum certified