Domenic Coletti

Domenic Coletti, P.E.

Principal Bridge Engineer

With more than three decades of structural experience, Domenic has designed, analyzed and researched all sorts of bridges. One of our senior bridge engineers, he spends much of his time working across the U.S. on our bridge projects large and small. As a principal professional associate and principal bridge engineer for our Southeast region, he also serves as a technical resource within the company. In that role, he’s authored, reviewed and sponsored a number of standards and guidelines for our Bridges & Structures practice.

Domenic is passionate about doing things the right way and works hard to improve the technical expertise and efficiency of our bridge staff. His expertise in steel bridge engineering is recognized throughout the industry. He led the development of the 1st and 2nd Editions of the 150-page AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration’s G13.1, Guidelines for Steel Girder Bridge Analysis, a wide-ranging steel bridge analysis guideline developed by a group of more than 50 steel bridge professionals from across the U.S. For that work, Domenic received a Special Achievement Award from the American Institute of Steel Construction.

Domenic has also authored and presented numerous papers on bridge design as well as served as a member or chair of technical committees for several national professional organizations. He’s currently chairman of the Transportation Research Board’s Standing Committee on Steel Bridges.

That deep well of technical knowledge has been used on many projects throughout Domenic’s HDR career, including the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge in North Carolina, for which he was design manager. He also worked as a bridge design team leader on the James D. Pfluger Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge in Austin, Texas. The highly complex bridge, which features an hourglass design, won multiple local and national design awards and has become a popular, heavily used local icon. He further shared his expertise in a 12-volume set of bridge guidelines for his colleagues that includes standard spreadsheets, example calculations and more than 500 sets of bridge plans. 

“I’ve been blessed at HDR by the opportunity to work with a large group of friendly, hard-working and tremendously talented individuals, who have been incredibly generous in sharing their time and expertise with me throughout my career.”