professional headshot of Doug Wignall for HDR

Douglas S. Wignall, FAIA, RAIC, LEED AP

Architecture President

Doug has devoted his entire career to HDR. He parlayed an internship in 1991 into a position as a designer, embraced the excitement of a growing healthcare practice, and then, as global director of healthcare, used his insight to ensure that the profession evolved to keep pace with the diverse challenges that the healthcare industry presented. Today, Doug continues to redefine the architecture profession in his current role as president of our architecture practice.

His commitment to design excellence has created a new and exciting culture where challenging the status quo, collaboration across disciplines and passion for innovation collide to advance the firm’s design profile. Design embodies not just buildings and places, he asserts, but also ideas, techniques, processes, systems and products. He has championed the evolution of non-traditional design and consulting services to keep pace with the challenging and diverse architectural field. Under his leadership, we have expanded into Canada, the Middle East, China and Australia.

Doug is an ardent advocate for seeking new ways to reinforce the architecture profession’s relevancy in contemporary society. He champions the efforts of designers to apply their critical thinking and problem-solving talents to address pressing social, environmental and economic challenges.