Gwen Woods-Chabane

Gwen Woods-Chabane, Ph.D.

Drinking Water Quality Lead

Gwen is a water quality lead who supports our laboratory efforts for bench studies to optimize treatment conditions and pilot-scale studies to test and refine before implementation. After years of research in environmental aquatic chemistry (she has her bachelor of science in chemical oceanography and a doctorate in chemistry) and liking all things water, she found a rewarding career in drinking water research.

Gwen has extensive experience in environmental analytical chemistry and specializes in water quality issues relevant to drinking water distribution systems. 

Her water quality expertise includes regulated contaminants, unregulated disinfection by-products, contaminants of emerging concern, PFAS, arsenic control, taste and odour issues, hexavalent chromium, Legionella, and corrosion control.

As a part of HDR’s One Water Institute (our formalized water research group), Gwen works both on-site and in our water quality laboratories to perform rapid bench and pilot-scale testing using isotherms, rapid small-scale column testing and membrane validation for treatment of CECs.