Bad Creek Pumped Storage

Bad Creek Aerial View of Dam

Bad Creek Pumped Storage

Answering growing power demand with pumped storage upgrades.

Building on a legacy of service for Duke Energy, we were brought in to help them meet peak power demand and optimize grid flexibility with better integration of expanding renewable energy sources. We supported unit and station upgrades at the Bad Creek Pumped Storage project to help increase pumping and generating capacity, enhance current pump/generate cycle efficiency, and minimize impacts to the existing operating license. 

Following completion of upgrade feasibility studies, our team determined each generating unit could be upgraded to produce a maximum output of 420 megawatts by installing a new pump-turbine impeller, helping to integrate renewable energy into the power grid. Working alongside Duke Energy, we developed a comprehensive procurement document that included the desired pump-turbine design improvements, rehabilitation of existing components and anticipated field services. After evaluating bids, we recommended a preferred vendor, and refined project cost and schedules. 

During the next phase of the project, we’ll support finalization of the hydraulic design, model testing, and the component upgrade design process and manufacture phase for new impellers and pump-turbine components. 

When the Bad Creek unit upgrades are complete, Duke Energy will have efficient and powerful pump-turbines, benefiting the region with the ability to more effectively utilize renewable energy and satisfy seasonally variable power demand. 

Bad Creek Aerial View of Dam
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