BeechWood Townhouse Development

Beech Wood Residential

BeechWood Townhouse Development

Modern Residential Development Promotes Community 

This new development, located in close proximity to Okanagan Lake, consists of 15 new townhomes that provide additional housing in an area near downtown and numerous amenities.

Situated in a charming and highly desirable neighbourhood, the BeechWood townhome development is low density to fit more appropriately into the neighbourhood. The low scale also minimizes traffic impact on the neighbourhood.

The design scheme is centred on creating living spaces around the perimeter of the property resulting in a communal courtyard. It provides space for residents to gather and entertain, and a safe zone where kids can play away from the busy street. The courtyard is accessible by all of the units which have a strong visual connection, creating a sense of safety. The space celebrates the Okanagan landscape; it maintains many of the natural pine trees and vegetation found on site.

The units are two-storeys and incorporate either a one or two car garage. Each unit has access to a useable roof top that provides views to the lake and the ability for residents to enjoy private outdoor space. Tenants also have access to beautiful outdoor space at grade, reachable from the kitchen or den. This design concept celebrates the indoor/outdoor Okanagan lifestyle.

The architecture of the buildings is contemporary and modern, enhancing the street and surrounding community. Featured forms are simple but well finished with a design scheme that is attractive and uses colours that are reflective of the site.

Constructed of wood frame, the building exterior finishes include acrylic stucco, corrugated metal panels and brick masonry. Glazing comprises metal clad wood windows allowing for a warm wood finish on the interior and metal for the exterior where protection from the sun is needed. Interior planning is simple with living space on the main floor and private bedrooms on the second.

Beech Wood Residential

Penticton, BC



Merit Award (2018)
Multi-Family Development Category
Thompson Okanagan Kootenay Commercial Building Awards