Elba Island LNG Terminal

Aerial; Elba Island LNG Terminal, Savannah, GA, LNG Storage Tanks

Elba Island LNG Terminal

We’ve worked alongside Kinder Morgan through every peak and valley the LNG market has seen for more than 20 years. And we’ve done it without a single recordable safety incident.

Our partnership stems from the first job we took on at Elba Island Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal in 1996, years before the site was reactivated after lying dormant since the ‘80s. When Kinder Morgan was ready to bring the site back into operation, we came on board to provide the facility maintenance to get it ready. And a couple of years later, we partnered with them to conduct feasibility studies that would help establish a future plan for the terminal.

In 2001, after years of preparation, Elba Island LNG Terminal was recommissioned. We began working as the owner’s engineer to take on projects large and small, from designing a recondensing system to serving as consultants for the terminal’s operations group.

When access to U.S. shale plays created a radical shift in the LNG market, Kinder Morgan turned to us to conduct conceptual studies for adding liquefaction at the Elba Island LNG Terminal, and repurpose the import terminal to export LNG. Now, we’re serving as the owner’s engineer to help them see it through.

When it’s completed, the $2 billion LNG liquefaction facility will be made up of 10 modular, movable units designed to liquefy 2.5 million metric tons of LNG per year for export.

Aerial; Elba Island LNG Terminal, Savannah, GA, LNG Storage Tanks
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Elba Island, GA
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