Okanagan Falls Seniors Housing Facility

Okanagan Falls Seniors Housing BC Housing

Okanagan Falls Seniors Housing Facility

Delivering much-needed capacity for seniors housing in Okanagan Falls, B.C., this three-storey, wood-frame facility comprises 26 housing units tailored to the needs of seniors in every aspect of its design.

The building features 24 one-bedroom units and 2 two-bedroom units, all of which include kitchen, living and bedroom spaces to support comfortable daily living. The one-bed units are accessible, and the two-bed units accessible and adaptable, capable of supporting the needs of wheelchair-bound residents.

A common use amenity space with a kitchen facilitates social interaction and engagement, and provides connections to the outdoors through glazing that frames the surrounding landscape while drawing natural light inside.

HDR designed the facility to comply with the BC Housing Design Guidelines for seniors housing. Throughout the design process, HDR carefully considered each design decision to ensure the facility optimizes the fixed budget while providing a home-like, non-institutional environment that meets the current and future needs of residents.

The overall massing is compact and efficient, to optimize exterior wall area while maximizing connections to the outside through views and natural daylighting. The exterior features metal paneling and stucco, supporting the durable, low-maintenance approach. Fir siding at the entry canopy soffit and other exposed wood elements create a warm, welcoming entry experience.

The design and siting of the facility enables future units to be added at a later date.

Okanagan Falls Seniors Housing BC Housing
BC Housing, South Skaha Housing Society

Okanagan Falls, BC

20,500 SF