Vulcan Lions Community Pool

photo of vulcan outdoor pool

Vulcan Lions Community Pool

Modernizing a Community Amenity, Retaining Its Spirit

Dating back to 1946, the Town of Vulcan has a long history of providing a pool as a public amenity that supports physical activity, recreation, and play for the community. Having serviced the Vulcan community for over 40 years, the Vulcan Lions Community Pool built in 1976 was closed in 2020 as it reached the end of its life-cycle. To replace it, HDR designed a new outdoor pool facility that included a new pool yard and pool house. 

The pool yard features:

  • 6-lane 25-meter lap pool
  • 2,900 square feet of leisure water which includes a zero-depth beach entry
  • Kids spray and play features
  • Massage benches
  • Hot tub
  • Two water slides
  • Climbing wall
  • Splash pad

The pool house includes universal change facilities, lifeguard and staff space, and storage and mechanical areas. 

These amenities not only meet the needs of the community but implement current trends, including inclusivity and accessibility, and incorporates the spirit of Vulcan. As the name suggests, Vulcan is deeply rooted in Star Trek culture, and HDR embraced the opportunity to bring in unique design features carefully located within the facility to be discovered by visitors to the pool. While the Town of Vulcan is relatively small, it has the potential to serve as a hub for sport and recreation for the surrounding communities and is already a destination for Trekkies.

Designed as a collaboration between HDR (Prime Architect) and VDA (pool design).

photo of vulcan outdoor pool
Town of Vulcan

Vulcan, AB

Pool house: 3,875 sf (360 m²), Pool deck: 14,745 sf (1,369 m²)