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Waterscapes - Nutrients

Striking a Balance: The Challenges and Opportunities of Watershed Nutrient Management

In this Waterscapes issue, we discuss the evolution of nutrient removal wastewater treatment as a technical practice, as well as policy issues that present compliance challenges, and the need for partnerships to further efforts to successfully manage water quality. The practices, policies and partnerships framework from The Water Research Foundation project titled "Holistic Approach to Improved Nutrient Management" (WRF4974) provides a guide to planning sustainable nutrient management. 

  • Over a Half-Century of Nutrient Pollution Control by JB Neethling (Pg. 2)
  • Nutrient Removal on the Half Shell: Oysters and their Many Benefits by Christopher Coccaro (Pg. 8)
  • Urban Stormwater Control Measures for Nutrients Management by Juie Stein and Leila Talebi (Pg. 9)
  • Clean Water Policies: Regulatory Innovation for the Next 50 Years by Trent Stober (Pg. 13)
  • Environmental Justice: Shaping Nutrient Policies and Practices by Victoria Johnson (Pg. 15)
  • Watershed Management Partnerships: A 50-Year Retrospective on Achievements and Challenges by Lacey Hirschvogel (Pg. 17)
  • A Chat with Dr. Biddle on her Watershed Partnership Research and Perspectives (Pg. 21)
  • The Importance of Partnerships while Managing Nutrients across a Watershed (Pg. 23)

Waterscapes, 2023, Issue No. 1