Meals on Wheels volunteers load meals for delivery

2021 HDR Foundation Grants

Small Grant Cycle 1

ElderHelp of San Diego | San Diego, CA

ElderHelp provides personalized services and information to help low-income seniors continue to live successfully in their own homes. This $19,990 grant will help to purchase new and used office equipment, phone systems and computers to continue services without interruption after events beyond their control required a sudden office relocation. The continuity of services is particularly essential to the wellbeing of seniors, who have needed food, essential supplies and reassuring support for isolation and anxiety during COVID-19.

Employee Sponsor: Rick Veihl | San Diego, CA


Meals on Wheels Central Texas | Austin, TX

The need for shelf stable and frozen meals for homebound seniors grew even greater during COVID-19. This $20,000 grant will partially fund a new temperature-controlled meal delivery vehicle to help serve more senior clients with fewer volunteers due to social distancing requirements. Since March 2020, Meals on Wheels Central Texas has delivered 753,000 meals to home-bound seniors and added 1,300 new clients, and the new vehicle will help to safely deliver frozen foods and prevent food-borne illness to seniors in more distant locations.

HDR Sponsor: Zachary Stein | Austin, TX

Chicago Gateway Green | Chicago, IL

This $19,640 grant will create an urban habitat for butterflies and other pollinators while greening and beautifying a neglected section adjacent to the Dan Ryan Expressway in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. Chicago Gateway Green will use the funds to purchase native perennials known to support the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. Seen by thousands of drivers and transit riders daily, the new green space will promote the importance of biodiversity and sustainable landscaping.  

Employee Sponsor: Grace Rappe | Chicago, IL

WISE Zambia | Kaoma, Zambia

WISE is a U.S.-based non-profit that actively supports women and their children at risk of abuse and abandonment in rural Zambia, a region with extreme poverty. This $19,518 grant will provide the materials and labor to complete a 1,070-foot security fence around the main campus and women’s center, where property theft has jeopardized the continuity of proven, successful educational programs and vocational training. In 2021, WISE will support more than 300 students in 23 rural schools and 36 young adults in college, nursing or vocational schools.

HDR Sponsor: James Thomas | Austin, TX

Food Bank Grants

Feeding America and Local Food Banks | U.S. and Canada

Following a successful annual giving campaign, the HDR Foundation awarded more than $105,000 to local food banks across the U.S. and Canada. More than 40 local food banks received grants in recognition of employees in HDR offices who met a special challenge related to our annual fund raising efforts.