Kids ride mountain bikes in Missoula

2024 HDR Foundation Grants

HDR Australia Fund Grants

Anglicare Victoria | Melbourne, VIC

Anglicare Victoria is dedicated to transforming futures by preventing, protecting and empowering disadvantaged Victorian kids through alternative housing and out-of-home care services. The AU$5,000 grant will go towards “Dream Day” outings at the Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo to connect children in foster care with wildlife and nature experiences they normally do not have access to.

Employee sponsor: Huey Moo

Community Canteen | Brisbane, QLD

Community Canteen aims to serve quality, nutritious meals to the homeless population of Brisbane. This AU$5,000 grant will continue the work of Community Canteen to make a change in their community by providing fresh, delicious meals to anyone in need. Not only does Community Canteen work to tackle food insecurity through practical sustenance, but it also helps people to improve their well-being and outlook on life.

Employee sponsor: Tina O’Connell

Dementia Australia | Australia

This AU$5,000 grant will support the development of Dementia Australia by growing their D-ESC Program, a virtual reality training for behavioral emergencies. There are more than 421,000 individuals living with dementia in Australia, and the demand for this program has been highlighted by recommendations from the Australian Royal Commission. The funds will be utilized for D-ESC training expenses and to raise awareness within the community.

Employee sponsors: Amy Brannan, Cherie Voon and Amy Papas

Indigenous Literacy Foundation | Australia

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation works with 349 remote Indigenous Communities across Australia by advocating for equity of access to culturally appropriate literacy materials. This AU$5,000 grant will enhance the ILF Book Supply program by distributing brand new, culturally relevant books to various Indigenous Communities. Providing children with the opportunity to see themselves and their culture reflected in stories furthers their education through literacy and helps build a sense of belonging and pride for their culture. 

Employee sponsor: Simone Benvenuti

Kit Bags for Kids | Australia

Kit Bags for Kids works to serve underprivileged children across Australia by providing them with the highest quality secondhand, surplus or unwanted sporting goods and equipment. This AU$5,000 grant will be utilized to further store equipment collected from the community to expand operations and serve a greater population. Through local garage storage, Kit Bags for Kids can store up to 3,000 items for future distribution. 

Employee sponsor: Mark Gazy

Koala Crusaders | Brisbane, QLD

Queensland Koala Crusaders is dedicated to improving koala conservation through building and improving habitat, providing education and advocating in the Queensland community. This AU$5,000 grant will allow the Koala Crusaders to partner with University of the Sunshine Coast and researcher Dr. Romane Cristescu to host a community koala workshop, fund a koala survey using detection dogs, and create volunteer opportunities for habitat planting. This project will teach community members how to spot koalas in need of rescue and further their understanding of the benefits of habitat expansion.

Employee sponsor: Mark Fairweather

Pushing Barriers | Brisbane, QLD

Pushing Barriers aims to provide school-aged children from refugee backgrounds access to community sports. This AU$5,000 grant will fund materials such as uniforms, boots, equipment, and club memberships, enabling refugee children to actively participate in sports. The initiative ignites possibilities and creates healthy communities for the youth by lowering youth crime and providing a positive and productive outlet for refugee children. 

Employee sponsor: Peter Nel

Sisters Inside | Brisbane, QLD

Sisters Inside advocates for the human rights of incarcerated or recently released women and girls by providing services that address their needs. This AU$5,000 grant will fund materials to maintain a connection between criminalized mothers and their children. The funds will cover communication between incarcerated mothers and their families, as well as allow women and children access to emergency housing, food, transportation, personal hygiene projects and medicine. 

Employee sponsor: Ashley Clark

HDR United Kingdom Fund — Food Bank Grants

Following our annual employee Day of Giving, the HDR United Kingdom Fund awarded more than £6,000 in grants to local food banks in recognition of employees meeting a special fundraising challenge.

Ayrshire East Foodbank | Kilmarnock, UK

A £1,500 grant to Ayshire East Foodbank will help provide a three-day food supply to community members experiencing emergency situations.

The Community Fund Bank at St. Mary’s Church | Apsley, UK

A £1,500 grant to the Apsley Community Food Bank at St. Mary’s Church will provide non-perishable goods and refreshments for anyone (of any creed or none) seeking food.

Croydon Nightwatch | Croydon, UK

A £1,500 grant to Croydon Nightwatch will provide food and supplies for people experiencing homelessness in Croydon.

Pecan-Southwark Foodbank | London, UK

A £1,500 grant to the Southwark Foodbank will provide emergency food supplies for local people in crisis.

U.S. Small Grant Cycle 1

AHSTW Comm Schools | Avoca, IA

AHSTW Community Schools, based in Avoca, Iowa, is dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning community that equips students for success in an ever-changing world. This $27,500 grant will procure push-button door locks for all classroom doors, enhancing school safety during lockdown situations. Research demonstrates that locked doors can be one of the biggest defenses against a school shooting. 

Employee sponsor: Angela Grote | Des Moines, IA

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Bend | Corpus Christi, TX

A $29,731 grant to Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Bend will fund outdoor playground equipment for an early learning center, facilitating crucial developmental activities such as conflict resolution and teamwork. By bridging the gap between home and school, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Bend aims to reduce the risk of unsupervised and unsafe periods for children and teenagers outside of school hours.

Employee sponsor: Alexa Fulbright | Corpus Christi, TX

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida | Jacksonville, FL

With the support of a $27,818 grant, Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida will renovate the Project Learn space, where kids take part in academic enhancement activities. The grant will fund new furniture, laptops and electronics, such as virtual reality equipment. Through its commitment to empowering young people in need, the club aims to cultivate responsible, caring citizens prepared for success.

Employee sponsor: Danyell Cooper | Jacksonville, FL

Camp Kita | North Berwick, ME

Camp Kita aims to foster hope and joy through shared experiences, ultimately contributing to generational transformation among children affected by suicide and suicide risk. This $30,000 grant will complete funding for a 572-square-foot, prefabricated building that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It will support the physical and behavioral health of individuals participating in services offered by The Kita Center.

Employee sponsor: Rebecca Stouges | Denver, CO

Friends of Des Moines Parks | Des Moines, IA

Friends of Des Moines Parks will launch a new inclusive youth sports program for athletes with disabilities with the support of a $15,200 grant. The funds will cover adaptive sports equipment, including specialized wheelchairs for participants of different abilities to be able to participate in baseball, softball, basketball, soccer and track. With a significant portion of Iowa's youth living with disabilities, this initiative aims to provide accessible and age-appropriate activities, fostering a healthier and more vibrant community for all.

Employee sponsor: Andy McCoy | Des Moines, IA

Hansen Community Council | Olympia, WA

As a volunteer-led parent-teacher organization, Hansen Community Council provides critical support to Hansen Elementary School by planning, organizing and funding enrichment activities beyond what is provided by the school district. This $29,950 grant will support Hansen Community Council’s efforts to enhance inclusivity through the addition of a roller slide on the school’s playground, which is also open to the public during non-school hours. Wider than a typical slide to allow multiple children of all abilities to play simultaneously, the roller slide is specifically designed to meet the needs of children with disabilities like sensory processing disorders, neurodiversity (such as autism, ADHD and anxiety), and hearing loss (because the non-static slide does not interfere with cochlear implants).

Employee sponsor: Brett Stark | Olympia, WA

Idaho Shakespeare Festival | Boise, ID

With this $29,995 grant, Idaho Shakespeare Festival will purchase a box truck to transport set pieces for its educational theater touring programs. Through these programs, professional actors transform cafeterias and gymnasiums across the state into temporary and magical theatrical plays full of haunted libraries, troubled kingdoms and the wonders of Shakespeare — inviting students into these imaginary worlds filled with characters that the students can connect with, be inspired by and to learn from. Each spring, two troupes of actors travel roughly 14,000 miles across the state and perform for approximately 50,000 K-12 students in urban, rural, remote and often underserved areas throughout Idaho.

Employee sponsor: Kâren Sander | Boise, ID

Mountain Bike Missoula | Missoula, MT

MTB Missoula aims to promote and create mountain biking opportunities in Missoula and the surrounding areas through trail building, stewardship, advocacy and outreach. This $30,000 grant will help the organization acquire a half-ton pickup truck and 20-bike capacity trailer to support its youth mountain bike outreach program and trail maintenance events. The program seeks to provide both the knowledge and equipment for under-resourced community members to enjoy mountain biking.

Employee sponsor: Jon Schick | Missoula, MT

Rick Herrema Foundation | Fayetteville, NC

The Rick Herrema Foundation, located just outside Fort Liberty, was founded in 2014 by Special Operations Force soldiers to honor the fort late Rick Herrema, a soldier who died in Operation Iraqi Freedom. RHF’s mission is to strengthen relationships and build community for the military family through fun, quality activities. This $30,000 grant will help to open up a new area of the park as part of a 3.2- mile nature trail that will feature wheelchair and stroller-accessible routes with interactive activities to include scavenger hunts, read-and-walk stories, creek-side walking, fitness stations, wildlife education and kids’ libraries. 

Employee sponsor: Leah Gentilin | Raleigh, NC

Roper Mountain Science Center | Greenville, SC

This $5,000 grant to Roper Mountain Science Center will fund materials and supplies for its 4th-grade physical science lab, serving more than 7,000 students from 46 school districts annually with hands-on, standards-based science learning lab experiences. The “Powerful Decisions” physical science lab will be equipped with snap circuit kits with other components, solar powered energy toys and rechargeable batteries as a result of the grant. 

Employee sponsor: Jennifer Mustar | Greenville, SC

Sustainable Princeton | Princeton, NJ

Sustainable Princeton strives to lead community change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen resilience to the impacts of the changing climate and protect the local ecosystem. This $12,741 grant will fund materials needed to construct 20 downspout planters to mitigate flooding and support the local ecosystem with native plantings, providing green infrastructure as an environmentally friendly solution.

Employee sponsor: James Burton | Pennington, NJ

United Voices for Newcomer Rights | Albuquerque, NM

United Voices for Newcomer Rights empowers refugees, immigrants and asylum-seekers to achieve integration and well-being in their new communities. This $30,000 grant will fund a minivan that will be used exclusively to transport newcomers who reside within the community to educational programs and services based within the community.

Employee sponsor: Amir Shokrollahi | Albuquerque, NM

Young Women’s Preparatory Network | Dallas, TX

The Young Women’s Preparatory Network provides college-preparatory education and fosters academic and leadership skills to young women. This $29,755 grant will fund essential STEM technology and equipment for the Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School. These tools will ensure equitable access to quality education, leveling the playing field for low-income students to have the same opportunities as their higher-income peers. 

Employee sponsor: George Cisneros | Dallas, TX