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2019 HDR Foundation Grants

For more information about our Foundation, read our 2019 HDR Foundation Report.

Large Grants

Burgettstown Area School District | Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
HDR Foundation’s $23,000 grant will provide science, technology, engineering, and math education materials for 341 students in grades 3-6 in the Burgettstown School District by purchasing Chromebooks, laptops and Lego sets. The Lego Master Educator will prepare a training session that is customized for the WeDo 2.0 and Simple & Powered Machine Sets.

Malama Loko EA Foundation | Haleiwa, O’ahu, Hawaii
HDR Foundation’s $18,200 grant will fund wetlands restoration efforts by purchasing materials to build the mala-garden and an outdoor classroom area. These gardens will support current science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths education with students PreK-G12 and support a pilot program, the Kaiaulu Keiki Afterschool Program, which will focus on mauka to makai (mountain to ocean), growing and harvesting food from the gardens and the fishpond.

Mountain Home Montana | Missoula, Montana
Mountain Home Montana is a safe house for at-risk new mothers. The $85,000 HDR Foundation grant will double the capacity of their children’s therapy/child care area by 642 square feet, adding a nap space and qualifying it to become a full-time, trauma-sensitive daycare facility. The expansion will also include space for a therapist to provide children’s mental health services.

Rose Brooks Center | Kansas City, Missouri
Rose Brooks Center has provided services to domestic violence survivors and their children for 41 years. HDR Foundation funds in the amount of $80,000 will help renovate a playground by purchasing outdoor play equipment to enhance quality programming for vulnerable children staying at the centre’s emergency shelter. 

Spina Bifida Advocates | Colbert, Washington
The $11,400 HDR Foundation grant will purchase a van trailer and data-base system. The trailer will be used for mobile drop-off and pick-up delivery service for sharing prosthetics equipment statewide. Children with spina bifida quickly outgrow their support equipment and with this system the supplies can be re-allocated to other children.

Land Trust of the Treasure Valley | Boise, Idaho
Description: HDR Foundation’s $36,000 grant will support building a new greenhouse for an environmental education school program. It will serve 500 youth a year, teaching them to how to propagate, plant and maintain 10,000 native plants for local wetlands restoration efforts in the greater Boise area. Once plants are propagated, they will be used for local restoration projects.

Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center | Warwick, New York
The $38,000 HDR Foundation grant will develop a registered monarch butterfly way station and a pond life site. The project includes milkweed plant cultivation, trail building, on-site garden development and interpretive signage. This will increase the monarch butterfly population, improve the pond habitat and allow clients and visitors to participate in bringing back a threatened species.

The Nature Conservancy | Omaha, Nebraska
Description: HDR Foundation funds in the amount of $25,500 will help construct a barrier-free nature trail to the sandhill crane viewing blind. The pathway will have enhanced accessibility features and provide more people with varying physical abilities the opportunity to be immersed in the crane migration experience.

Meals on Wheels Central Texas | Austin, Texas
For Meals on Wheels, the kitchen steamer is an essential part of cooking a variety of foods simultaneously and enables them to prepare large quantities of food in a time efficient manner. Their existing steamer recently became rusted and stopped functioning. The $25,000 HDR Foundation grant will replace it with a large, 2-door steamer oven for the commercial kitchen that is used to prepare approximately 770,000 meals each year to address senior hunger in the community. 

Masonic Home for Children at Oxford | Oxford, North Carolina
The $87,678 HDR Foundation grant will fund a new bridge that connects the Masonic Home’s main campus to the farm and other areas of importance. It provides access for farming, public and county easement and other pertinent access, and safe travel to educational and recreational areas on the property. There is strong employee volunteerism and support from our Raleigh office, including an estimated $15,000 in donated design efforts, calculations and plan preparation.

Engineers without Borders – KC Professional Chapter | Los Churuneles, Guatemala
HDR Foundation’s $20,000 grant will allow for modifications to an existing water supply system in a town of 483 residents. The project includes installation of a new water storage tank, water distribution piping and a water treatment system. 

Red Rocks Community College | Lakewood, Colorado
The $45,000 HDR Foundation grant will support the development of the Trefny Honors Program Interdisciplinary Research Hub. This will expand opportunities for students to participate in research and conduct interdisciplinary projects investigating global problems, such as threats to biodiversity, overuse of resources, anthropogenic climate change and our ever-increasing population. Research hub equipment includes a thermocycler, fume hood for chemistry research, sensor equipment and telescope.

Small Grants

First Round

Green Empowerment - Amaguaya Micro Hydroelectric Project | Amaguaya, Bolivia 
HDR Foundation’s $15,000 grant will fund tools, equipment and supplies to make physical infrastructure improvements and repairs to the Amaguaya micro hydroelectric facility, while increasing local skill sets through community education and technical training. Upgrades to the facility’s load controller will allow for more efficient use of power and make the system more resilient during emergency situations. The project will restore reliable power to the community and improve local health services.

Council Groves Apartments | Missoula, Montana 
HDR Foundation's $13,840 grant will upgrade a computer lab for low-income residents, including: eight Lenova ThinkCentre M910q computers with keyboard and mouse, eight perpetual subscriptions to Windows 10 Pro, four perpetual subscriptions to Adobe Acrobat 2017 and eight LED monitors. Funds will also cover professional installation of hardware and software, software configuration, set up of user profiles and staff training. 

Fresh Future Farm | North Charleston, South Carolina
To address a food desert and offer healthy choices in an underserved community, the HDR Foundation is funding $7,510 for improved market produce signage, weekly cooking demonstrations, healthy eating and recipe information, and seeds and plantings for home gardens. Cooking demonstrations focus on culturally relevant recipes, and production of a cookbook to distribute to residents and sell to shoppers outside of the neighbourhood to sustain the engagement program.

Flying Kites - Farming Community of Njabini | Aberdare Mountains, Kenya
HDR Foundation’s $14,991 grant will allow Flying Kites to double enrolment for primary education in the local elementary school. Funds will purchase physical education uniforms for 70 new students enrolled this year (shorts, t-shirt, socks, athletic pants, sweatshirt, sports shoes), along with equipment for PE and competitive sports (balls, nets, jerseys, elbow and knee pads, shin guards). Support for students will integrate nutrition, physical education, extracurricular athletics and healthy choices.

The Table Urban Farm | Denver, Colorado
HDR Foundation’s $15,000 grant will provide access not only to food but also to food education within the community, hoping to close the gap between providing food for those who need it and knowing what to do with the food once it is received. HDR Foundation funds will purchase a grill, range, and oven unit for their teaching kitchen.

Second Round

Reach Out and Read - Early Learning Partnership of York County | Rock Hill, South Carolina
HDR Foundation’s $7,700 grant will provide funds for a one-time purchase of books for children and parents. The reading program would become part of the county’s “well-children” visit. These books will be distributed as part of the thirteen established well-child visits before the child in the Rock Hill area enters kindergarten.

Orange County Ocean Restoration Project – Get Inspired! | Garden Grove, California
HDR Foundation’s $12,850 grant will purchase tanks, filters, pipes, etc. to create a nursery for growing kelp, abalone, and white seabass. This program teaches students valuable job skills for careers in aquaculture, teach hands-on STEM education, and replenishes a popular recreational sport fish in local waters.

Children and Family Services Center | Huntersville, North Carolina
HDR Foundation’s $15,000 grant will purchase equipment and supplies to install a new playground in Huntersville. HDR's grant will fund the major play climb and slide structure, and the ‘core strength piece’ hanging bars. The proposed project would allow a space that reflects the time, culture and context of its increasingly diverse community.

Denver Urban Gardens | Denver, Colorado
HDR Foundation‘s $15,000 grant will purchase materials and supplies to construct a sustainable garden shed at the West Colfax Urban Community Garden. The building will have solar shingles/panels, a rainwater catchment system on the roof, a solar storage battery to provide security lighting and an outlet system. Harvested rainwater will irrigate the garden. This pilot project would be an innovative step toward sustainability, and educational signage on the shed will provide information on the benefits of solar power and rainwater harvesting, and be viewed by gardeners along with park visitors.

Bayou Vermillion Preservation Association | Lafayette, Louisiana
HDR Foundation’s $13,993 grant will purchase saplings, shrubs, mulch, and signage for community-led plantings, educational workshops and related publications. The grant would address watershed improvements and flood protection two ways: community volunteers would do plantings on targeted public lands, and then would also get plant stock for their own lands in flood hazard area. This community-based effort will have a lasting impact on the watershed’s resiliency.

Blue River Watershed | Kansas City Missouri
HDR Foundation’s $12,050 grant will purchase science kits for the Watershed to use in sixteen T.R.U.E. BlueSM classes, and seven Macros classes that schools, throughout the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Supplies include HACH kits, chemicals, and gloves for T.R.U.E. BlueSM, and nets, macros kits, and gloves for Macros programming. 

Putnam County Educational Service Center | Ottawa, Ohio
HDR Foundation's $8,300 grant will purchase tools, materials, and equipment to support the continuation of the Putnam County Science Fair. With this support to the Science Fair, the STEM component will now be included for every school district served for many years.