Apply for a grant with the HDR Foundation

Our Grant Application Process

Our Grant Cycles

The HDR Foundation has three external grant cycles per year.

We have two small grant cycles per year and accept requests from $5,000 to $15,000 during those cycles.

We have one large grant cycle per year and accept requests for requests over $15,000.

2019 Grant Application Schedule

  • 1st Small Grant Cycle ($5,000-$15,000)
    Applications accepted Jan. 23 - Feb. 13, final funding decisions in April 2019
  • 2nd Small Grant Cycle ($5,000-$15,000)
    Applications accepted April 24 - May 15, final funding decisions in June 2019
  • Annual Large Grant Cycle ($15,000+)
    Letters of Intent accepted July 29 - Aug. 23, final funding decisions in November 2019

What You Need to Know to Apply

What You’ll Need to Complete the Application

  • A copy of your organization’s IRS determination letter and Form W-9
  • Your organization’s audited financial statement or IRS Form 990
  • Your organization’s operational budget
  • A spreadsheet with an itemized budget for your request (including breakdown details)
  • A letter of support from an HDR employee sponsor
  • A concise problem statement (no more than 1-2 sentences)
  • A high-level project summary (no more than 500 words)
  • Information on all sources of funding for your project
  • A clear idea of what success looks like and how you will measure it

Important Reminders

  • Preference is shown to fund organizations where an HDR employee is highly engaged in a volunteer capacity. 
  • The HDR Foundation does not provide operational (overhead) support. For more information visit,
  • We prefer discrete projects with the potential for lasting impact. 
  • We do not fund individual scholarships, fundraising events, faith-based organizations, religious programming, non-U.S. based non-profits, beauty pageants, sporting events, or matching campaigns. 

Large Grant Cycle: Key Dates and Information

Any request totaling more than $15,000 is to be considered during our annual large grant cycle. All of our basic eligibility rules apply.

Key Dates for 2019 Large Grants

  • July 29-August 23, 2019:  Letter of Intent Submissions Accepted
  • November 2019:  Final Funding Decisions

Small Grant Cycle: Key Dates and Information

We review requests between $5,000 and $15,000 during these two annual cycles.

Small Grant Cycle No. 1

  • Applications accepted Jan. 23 - Feb. 13, 2019, final funding decisions in April 2019.

Small Grant Cycle No. 2

  • Applications accepted April 24 - May 15, 2019, final funding decisions in June 2019.

Please email HDRFoundation [at] for more information.