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EchoWater Project Achieves Initial Treatment Permit Compliance Milestone

The overall goal of the $1.7 billion EchoWater project is to produce cleaner water for discharge to the Sacramento River. As the Regional San's response to stricter new treatment requirements issued by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board in 2010, the EchoWater project is one of the largest public works projects in Sacramento's history.

The major compliance milestones included 2021 for nutrient removal and 2023 for enhanced disinfection and filtering. Regional San reached the first milestone by completing the $414 million biological nutrient removal facility on April 19, 2021, ahead of the May 11, 2021, deadline.

Our team, as part of the Brown & Caldwell/HDR Joint Venture, was selected by Regional San to establish the EchoWater Program Management office, where we assisted in coordination and program controls to achieve the new permit requirements.

Read more about this monumental project in "EchoWater Advanced Wastewater Treatment Project Achieves Initial Treatment Permit Compliance Milestone" from the Construction Management Association of America.