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Harnessing Data to Improve Designs and Enhance Collaboration

Data Driven Design team collaborating at tables with dashboard of software on the large screen behind them.

HDR’s proprietary Data Wrangler tool lets design teams quickly determine the most economical and environmentally sound design solutions for clients’ facility updates. The tool’s welcoming graphic interface seamlessly integrates with 3D spatial analysis models and custom relational database servers, enabling clients to envision how a variable will impact the functionality and look of a space. 

From helping a biotech firm accommodate growth without building new to equipping a life science campus to support multiple lab tenants and adapt for the future, examples of the Data Wrangler's uses and benefits are outlined in Tradeline's article, "Harnessing Data to Improve Designs and Enhance Collaboration."

Alan Fried
Senior Project Architect
June Hanley
Principal Planner