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HDR’s Fernando Garcia Speaks to Grid Modernization, Career Development in DistribuTech Interview

Fernando Garcia’s futuristic outlook was borne from childhood experiences in Colombia. Today, he’s one of the leaders in the middle of an energy transformation. As our grid modernization lead, Garcia embraces change, and often looks for ways implement new and clean technologies in a variety of power projects.

Garcia sat down with Alan Ross, managing editor at APC Media, at the DistribuTech International conference to talk about his background, some of the biggest challenges facing the power industry, and how people in the industry are making generational differences. 

  1. Fernando’s Colombian upbringing inspired him to pursue a career in power (01:08)
  2. Fernando outlines some of the biggest challenges facing the power industry (04:43)
  3. The future depends on utilities piloting new technologies, and they’re stepping up (08:39)
  4. Energy is changing the world. Have the skills and want to make a difference? (13:56)