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Microelectronics & Nanotechnology

A Diverse Electronics Ecosystem

The microelectronics and nanotechnology market comprises many different types of companies and institutions. These include chip design, substrate production, frontend wafer processing, backend test and assembly, governmental and university nanotech research facilities, and high-volume manufacturing fabrication facilities (commonly called "fabs").

Each of the companies that make up this diverse ecosystem have their own unique requirements for their facility’s mission, image, sustainability and budget. However, they all need facilities that are safe to operate and flexible enough to accommodate the ever-advancing process technology.

Experts in Microelectronic and Nanotech Facility Design

Our experts have spent their entire careers focused on the design, construction and operation of microelectronic and nanotech facilities. We know how to design to the most stringent environmental control requirements (cleanliness, vibration, temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference and airborne molecular contamination), while still allowing flexibility to expand, to easily swap out process equipment and to add new facility infrastructure. We use our proprietary data driven design tools to optimize the land use and logistics paths on site master planning projects and to optimize the relative locations of the various functional areas within the facility itself.  Our design approach results in facilities that are not only highly efficient but are architecturally pleasing, projecting the corporate image that our clients require.

Full Spectrum of Design and Planning Services

Our services include environmental permitting, utility infrastructure planning, traffic studies, sustainability, site master planning, facility design peer review, industrial engineering, cleanroom and related controlled environment room design, and facility plant design. No matter the size or scale, our team brings their broad range of experience and expertise to every advanced tech project.