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HDR’s Jeff Murray Quoted in Waste 360 on Landfill Post-Closure Care

Is 30 years of post-closure care right for all landfills? Murray recommends states seek additional guidance.

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act require landfill operators to maintain post-closure care for 30 years. States have the autonomy to adjust the timespan if it’s determined ending care poses no threat to human health or the environment. 

However, guidance on how to assess for risk posed to human health or the environment doesn’t exist, creating a lot of uncertainty for landfill operators. Learn what’s recommended going forward from waste leaders who’ve examined the topic including our landfill post-closure care expert, Jeff Murray, along with other industry experts, in the Waste 360 article “Stakeholders Call for More Certain Landfill Post-closure Care Terms.