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Janet González Tudor Talks Equity, Funding and Other Transit Trends with Metro Magazine

Janet González Tudor
Janet González Tudor

The transit industry is in a period of historic change, with agencies reacting to concerns from riders, piloting new technology and planning for a new infusion of federal funding — all of which are also informed by ongoing equity considerations. HDR’s Transportation Operational Resiliency Director, Janet González Tudor, recently shared her outlook for the industry with Metro magazine, reflecting on all of these topics as well as how transit is adjusting to electric vehicles and the importance of long-range strategic planning.

González Tudor, MBA, ENV SP, LEED AP BD+C, STP, has led transit projects across the United States. As one of HDR’s transportation leaders, she brings a high-level overview to the biggest topics affecting transit agencies of all sizes and geographies. She has been an industry leader in promoting equity in transportation.

In the Metro interview, González Tudor discussed HDR’s efforts to build the next generation of transit leaders, recognizing a need for new talent and entrepreneurs. She offered her views on what’s needed to increase ridership. And she discussed the role of consultants in sharing best practices across the industry.

“Particularly in the last couple of years, transit agencies have been understandably focused on their own residents. But they want to know what’s working elsewhere. This is one important way that national and global consultants add value,” González Tudor said. “With less travel and peer learning, transit agencies often look to consultants for ideas and lessons learned in other communities. As we work with agencies across the globe, we see equity advancements and practices that others could also apply in their communities for their own users.”

Read the whole interview in “HDR's González Tudor Discusses Diversity, Funding” in the May 2022 issue of Metro magazine.

Janet R. González Tudor
Transportation Advisory Services Director