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Louisville Water: Nationally on Tap for Marketing and Communications

Best Practices and Reflections During the Current Climate

Kelley Dearing Smith is vice president of communications and marketing at Louisville Water. With a 20-plus-year career there, she continues to connect the brand to the community and directs the media, marketing, education, government relations and economic development activities as part of her role as a national go-to in the water industry for her expertise. Louisville Water is the first and only utility to date that has trademarked tap water — Louisville pure tap®. 

We caught up with Kelley to ponder on strategic communications best practices and reflections during the current climate.

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Ameerah Palacios
Ameerah Palacios

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Ameerah is the strategic communications project manager in our Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas region. She elevates public sector brands through strategic communication, research, change management, and advocacy. She leads and delivers communication services for public sector infrastructure projects working with multi-disciplinary teams and channels, collaborating in strategy, content and technical development. 

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