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Ports and Maritime Director Jeff Massengill Talks Ports Trends with Inbound Logistics

Ports across North America are investing in upgrades and new infrastructure to address congestion and help them service large, modern container ships. The global pandemic has led to large disruptions in the industry, compounded by shifts in shipping and the ongoing effects of global climate change.

HDR Ports and Maritime Director Jeff Massengill shared his insights on trends in this environment with Inbound Logistics Magazine.

Massengill noted that changes at ports are being driven by multiple causes: the pandemic, a shift to e-commerce, bigger ships and more. At the same time, he said, climate change is also becoming a key consideration. “We’re beginning to see more emphasis on planning for future sea level rises,” he told the magazine.

There’s a large focus among ports to address climate risks and introduce more resiliency measures at their facilities. Federal funding, he pointed out, is increasingly tied to projects that address these sustainability and resiliency efforts.

Read more in “Port Services and Solutions,” from the October 2021 issue of Inbound Logistics.

Jeff Massengill
Ports & Maritime Director