The brown trout (Salmo trutta)

Waterscapes - Fisheries

Pushing Boundaries in Fisheries Engineering

By merging cutting edge science with innovative fisheries engineering solutions, we're helping our clients clear obstacles and push the boundaries to what's possible, every day.

In this Waterscapes issue, you will find a selection of articles representing our passion for and dedication to fisheries, reflected in important projects and topics. The articles are authored by technical leaders across the U.S. who address many diverse fisheries challenges every day. Collectively, we hope that you enjoy this issue and consider how we might be a part of solving your future challenges.

  • Knowledge is (Hydro)Power: Understanding Fish Issues in FERC Relicensing by Chuck Vertucci, Jim Gibson and Misty Huddleston  (Pg. 2)
  • Two Centuries of Aquaculture: Challenges and Solutions, Then and Now by Matt Cochran  (Pg. 6) 
  • Re-plumbing California: Preparing for Water Management under Future Climate Conditions in a Litigious State by John Spranza  (Pg. 10)
  • Return of a Legend: Reimagining a New York Fishery by Dave Davis  (Pg. 14)
  • Master Planning for Killer Whales by Chad Wiseman and Becky Holloway (Pg. 17)
  • Hands Off! Assessing Aquatic Ecosystems with eDNA by Gabe Kopp and Tom Thompson (Pg. 21)
  • Fisheries Ecohydraulics: Solutions in a Changing Environment - a showcase of our fisheries ecohydraulics experience (Pg. 24)

Waterscapes, 2022, Issue No. 1