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Integrating Clean Hydrogen for a Sustainable, Resilient Future

Infrastructure Plans Designed to Support Hydrogen

Clean hydrogen technology is progressing at an incredible pace as billions of dollars in federal funding are awarded for U.S. renewable energy projects. We’re at the forefront of this awe-inspiring opportunity, working alongside our clients to assess their markets, identify challenges, and consider the applicability of clean hydrogen. Together, we’re developing solutions to integrate blue, green and pink hydrogen with revolutionized infrastructure designed to produce, store, transport and consume hydrogen.

Common Element. Uncommon Potential.

Energy Strategy for One of the UK's Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Installations

Our Hydrogen Expertise

Our multifaceted team of in-house engineers, scientists and communicators are passionate about working together to help you achieve your goals. Our specialties include:

  • Program development
  • Fleet & facility master planning
  • System impact studies
  • Project funding management
  • Hydrogen procurement, transport and storage
  • Renewable energy infrastructure design
  • Hydrogen production and delivery
  • Siting and permitting
  • Strategic Communication and public outreach
  • Water rights and system design
  • Feasibility and economics

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Looking to ready your infrastructure to produce, store, transport or consume hydrogen?