Group14 Awarded $100 Million DOE Grant With HDR Support

Grant to Strengthen U.S. Supply Chain for Advanced Battery Materials Manufacturing

Global manufacturer and supplier of advanced silicon battery technology, Group14 Technologies, with HDR support, was awarded $100 million by the U.S. Department of Energy as part of the first set of projects funded by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Group14 will leverage the funding to build two 2,000-ton-per-year commercial manufacturing modules for its second domestic commercial-scale battery active materials factory, BAM-2. HDR assisted with the grant application while serving as the project's owner’s engineer.

“We’re thrilled that Group14 was awarded this DOE grant, and proud to have played a strategic role in supporting Group14 in securing these funds,” said Matt Laccinole, HDR senior vice president and project principal. “With growing demand to strategically reduce the U.S. carbon footprint, Group14’s project plays an important role in supporting the growth of electric vehicles and energy storage.”

In addition to partnering on the grant application, HDR is providing end-to-end support for Group14 as the owner’s engineer and program manager, including permitting, engineering, project controls and construction support.

The DOE reviewed applications from battery materials manufacturers pursuing the creation of new, retrofitted and expanded domestic factories to produce battery materials. Group14 was selected for its established modular manufacturing approach to delivering commercial-scale quantities of lithium-silicon battery materials. Each module in BAM-2 is expected to have an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons per year of Group14’s flagship silicon-carbon battery technology, SCC55™, equivalent to powering at least 100,000 electric vehicles, and can be scaled rapidly to meet EV demand.

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