Alex Grenoble

Alex Grenoble, P.E., Ph.D.

Hydropower Dam Safety Lead

Alex has over 30 years of civil and geotechnical engineering experience with an emphasis on dams and dam safety. The majority of his professional experience involves hydropower projects that are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He is an approved FERC Part 12 Independent Consultant and Potential Failure Mode Analysis facilitator and currently serves in a dam safety advisory role to several large electric utilities in the U.S.

A significant portion of Alex’s career has focused on stability analysis of concrete and embankment dams for extreme loading conditions including large floods and earthquakes. He also has considerable experience leading analyses of concrete dams where the concrete is expanding due to alkali-aggregate reaction.

Through his project work and participation in technical societies, Alex has become recognized as a trusted advisor by our clients and a skilled dam safety engineer by regulatory agency staff.  

Alex served two terms on the United States Society on Dams Board of Directors, is a member of Association of State Dam Safety Officials, and serves on multiple FERC consulting boards.