Angela Piner | Power Client Development Lead

Angela Piner

Power Client Development Lead

Angela works with clients to navigate the rapid evolution of the power industry by aligning HDR’s expertise with their needs. A learner and collaborator by nature, she’s knowledgeable on the latest technological advances impacting our clients, and continuously works with them to chart a path forward. 

She is acutely aware of the social and political impacts of the decisions involved in modernizing infrastructure. Her work is a testament to time spent listening carefully to client needs — it runs the gamut from traditional power generation and distribution to leading edge. Angela has taken part in some of the first permits approved for renewable energy projects, including Minnesota’s first 345 kV transmission line in 30 years. Now she’s at the forefront of developing electric vehicle infrastructure, bringing together utilities and transit agencies to build reliable systems.  

Angela is the chairperson of the education committee for transmission in the Rocky Mountain Electrical League, and serves as a member of multiple power industry organizations including the American Wind Energy Association, the Smart Electric Power Alliance, and the Edison Electric Institute.