Bethany Shingleton

​Bethany Shingleton, P.E.

Transportation Senior Program Manager

“Program management is an opportunity to work together with clients, bringing extensive HDR expertise and tools, and working with multi-discipline teams, to help clients achieve their visions and goals to successfully deliver complex projects.”

Bethany has been immersed in program management projects over her 25 years at HDR and has managed pre-procurement activities, procurement and construction administration for more than a dozen significant transportation projects. These projects have included a variety of alternative delivery methods including design-build, progressive design-build, and construction manager/general contractor.

Throughout her career, she has worked with the Utah Department of Transportation to improve its alternative delivery processes to maximize innovation opportunities. An office principal in our Salt Lake City office, Bethany has also often co-located with UDOT to deliver major programs.

She has unparalleled familiarity with UDOT’s design-build procurement process, which resulted in the department’s request that she lead the update of their alternative delivery templates and develop a guidebook for all the alternative delivery methods utilized by UDOT. She managed the project that helped UDOT develop the template for progressive design-build and set the model for the first PDB project in Utah.

Bethany is the chair of the ACEC/UDOT Liaison Subcommittee for Program Management, working closely with UDOT and the consultant community to improve relationships and the development of program management.