Bill Peduzzi Aviation Director

Bill Peduzzi, P.E.

Aviation Director

“Modern airports are the closest thing we have to time machines, by connecting our world through the movement of people and goods. We have a great responsibility to continue to innovate so that even more of the world has access to the benefits of safe and efficient commercial airline travel.”

Equipped with a proven career working at airports of all sizes and a lifelong love of everything aviation and aerospace, Bill leads our comprehensive aviation practice. He focuses on project delivery, operations and business development for our growing list of airport, airfield and related consulting services.

Bill’s more than 30 years of experience includes major infrastructure improvement projects at many large international and general aviation airports. He led the pursuit, capture and establishment of two multibillion dollar airport programs, in Philadelphia and Atlanta. In both cases, Bill’s collaborative acumen eventually led him to serve as the joint venture board chair. He has also led our work in Pittsburgh, where we are part of the design and engineering team responsible for Pittsburgh International Airport’s Terminal Modernization Program.

Passionate about advocating for continued investment in aviation safety and operation improvements, Bill has led large airfield safety and capacity enhancement programs at some of the busiest airports across the United States. He is active in the industry as a thought leader and regular participant at major conferences and is also a longtime member of various technical committees with the Airports Consultants Council.