David Spencer

David Spencer, P.E.

Pipeline Asset Management Lead

There are two types of consultants: those who take simple things and make them sound complex, and those who take complicated things and translate them into a format that can be consumed by non-technical stakeholders. Dave prides himself on being the latter.

Dave leads our water pipeline asset management group and specializes in developing and implementing practical programs. He has co-authored four books on the topic and helped over 100 utilities around the country optimize their asset management practices. 

Dave has a passion for learning. He is currently engaged in the evaluation of several emerging technologies, including acoustic testing, non-destructive examinations and energy dispersive spectroscopy. Dave’s favorite part of the job is listening to and learning from folks at all levels of an organization — front-line staff, management, engineers, IT/GIS professionals, regulators, ratepayers, and political stakeholders — and spreading those lessons learned to others.