Elaine Verver

Elaine Verver, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, R/W- RAC, R/W-URAC

Right of Way Director, Transportation

Located in our Austin, Texas, office, Elaine works as our North Central Region right of way lead and our transportation right of way services director. Elaine provides strategic and technical leadership to refine and oversee our real estate and ROW services program serving North Central and transportation clients.

With 25 years in the industry, including 19 at HDR, Elaine specializes in directing public works and transportation projects, often using federal, state and local funding sources. Having successfully led more than 3,000 acquisitions and relocations, her expertise covers the entire process and includes implementation of process improvement measures to maintain consistency and streamline project delivery. In addition, Elaine’s understanding of schedule management and skill with assembling the right resources to meet project expectations has led to clients consistently asking for her involvement on various programs.

Elaine has successfully led program management, design-build, rail, and highway projects for various departments of transportation. In addition to transportation clients, Elaine has led several floodplain mitigation projects under different federal funding.