Eric Packer

Eric Packer, P.E.

Data Science Engineer

Eric is a data science engineer and the co-lead of our data analytics practice group. His background lies at the intersection of technical engineering, software development and data science. In the past two years, he has developed custom data analysis and visualization solutions for 30-plus clients in 18 states across the water, natural resources and transportation industries.

He's passionate about helping clients implement data-driven strategies to support clear, actionable insight and defensible decisions. He favors first-principles reasoning and always suggests the simple approach first.

Eric's currently developing HDR’s first large-language model artificial intelligence application, supporting the inventory and removal of lead service lines under the provisions of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead and Copper Rule Revision. He has a proven track record of developing new technology across industries, with a U.S. patent in novel orthopedic biomaterials (U.S. patent No. 10,829,623, awarded November 2020) and subsequent patent pending.

Eric holds dual engineering degrees from Dartmouth College focused on mechanical engineering.