Frank Proctor

Frank Proctor, P.E.

Ports and Maritime Technical Director

As our ports and maritime technical director, Frank supports projects across the U.S. and beyond, helping to deliver competitive technical services to support the changing needs of our clients. He also serves as our client manager for Jacksonville Port Authority.

Frank has been a driving force for our ports and maritime practice, helping to steer us from relative newcomer to a recognized leader in the Southeast and beyond.

He particularly enjoys working on container terminals because of the unique operational dynamics of cargo vessels, container handling equipment and ship-to-shore cranes. Among his most significant professional accomplishments are the Hugh K. Leatherman Terminal in South Carolina, the BIMT Berth 35 Reconstruction project for JAXPORT and the PortMiami Wharves Strengthening project.

“Many agencies are facing reduced funding and constricting capital improvement programs. In this environment, we’re excited to collaborate with them to solve their challenges, whether through traditional marine structures design or discovering new sources of funding and helping them develop competitive grant applications."