Jorge Luna

Jorge Luna

South Atlantic Transit Lead

Jorge serves as our South Atlantic area transit section lead. He brings his public and private sector expertise and the right resources to clients for the benefit of their communities' transit users and stakeholders. He supports his transit practice and team in a hands-on way, through project management, fieldwork, planning, analysis and more.

Beyond clients, Jorge is an active participant in local state transit associations, transit advocacy groups, and the community at large to help educate on and transform through transit and multimodal tools. Jorge is a member of the North Carolina Public Transportation Association and Georgia Transit Association. He also serves as vice president of the Transportation Association of South Carolina.

Jorge is passionate about the transit user and how to best ensure the user’s experience on transit is seamless. He recognizes a user’s transit trip begins before they board the vehicle and enjoys brainstorming ways to enhance their experience, whether by means of rebranding, restructuring, or creating new transit systems and services.

Notable projects that Jorge has worked on include CONNECT Beyond in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as the Regional Transit Framework and Lowcountry Rapid Transit projects in Charleston, South Carolina. He is the recipient of an HDR Pathfinder Award for Project Collaboration, an award given to those nominated and recognized by their HDR peers for outstanding work and a TASC award for outstanding and dedicated service to the transit community in South Carolina.