Nathan Kutil

Nathan Kutil, P.E.

Project Manager

Nathan is a project manager in Missoula, Montana. He graduated from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and has been practicing engineering ever since. Nathan has experience with both municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plant design. Recent projects include technologies such as Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing membranes for industrial reuse at a coal fired power plant, a 22 million gallons per day pressurized membrane drinking water filtration plant for Bozeman, Montana, and a 7 MGD gravity flow ceramic membrane drinking water filtration plant for Butte, Montana.

One of Nathan’s main philosophies is that the best designed facility in the world doesn’t work very well if the operators don’t take pride in running it. For that reason, Nathan focuses on keeping operators involved during the design for any project and encourages them to take ownership in the design decisions and ideas.

Nathan is on the board of directors for the Northwest Membrane Operators Association and is our desalination practice group leader. He has presented at local and national conferences every year of his career and enjoys not only telling people about exciting projects but meeting new colleagues and hearing about their exciting work.