Sarah Brownell HDR

Sarah Brownell, LEED AP

Business Development Director Southeast U.S.

Sarah is the business development director for health in our Southeast U.S. Region. Located in the Charlotte, North Carolina, studio, Sarah brings 20 years of experience developing effective growth strategies for several top organizations in advisory services, real estate development and facility planning. Her passion for working with multidisciplinary teams to solve pressing and complex issues in the healthcare industry where we are uniquely positioned to make an impact has helped to expand our efforts to influence the future of healthcare in the Southeast U.S.

As a board member and the current president of the Southeast Chapter of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, Sarah is a firm believer in sharing knowledge throughout the industry and helping her colleagues develop professionally.

"I love facing complex problems and finding better, more innovative solutions that add value to an organization and make others’ jobs easier — whether it’s my teammates at HDR, our clients or care providers. Knowing that the strategy I contribute to, and the clients I connect our design experts to, is making a greater impact and adding value to the health industry is what drives me."